Wollastonite Wollastonite
F Series Acicular Wollastonite Powder
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Wollastonite is a typical metamorphic mineral, which has primarily occurred in contact
belt between acid rock and limestone, and sometimes occurred in deep metamorphic
Calc schist, volcanic product and in some alkaline rock. The chemical molecular
formula of Wollastonite is CaSiO3, and structural formula is Ca3 [Si3O9], the theoretical
chemical compositions: 48.25% CaO, 51.75% SiO2. 
Wollastonite is a thin plate-like crystal of triclinic crystal system whichbelongs to a chain
silicate. Its aggregation is radial or fibrous. Its special crystal structure determines its
properties, Wollastonite with the advantage of non-toxic, acid and alkali resistant, low
hygroscopicity, low oil absorption, low conductivity, good insulation, high whiteness, 
thermal stability and dimensional stability good, excellent mechanical properties and
electrical characteristics. Wollastonite is a natural green, low carbon emission and energy 
saving industrial mineral.