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Application of ultrafine wollastonite powder material in pla
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Huayuan Wollastonite, Xinyu Wollastonite, Jiangxi Wollastonite

    Wollastonite has been widely used in various industrial sectors because of its unique crystal structure and many excellent physical and chemical properties.
    Wollastonite products are mainly two types of high aspect ratio wollastonite and ground wollastonite. The former is a high-end product, mainly using its physical and mechanical properties, widely used in plastics, rubber, asbestos substitutes, paints, coatings and other industries. The surface-modified high aspect ratio wollastonite powder is greatly compatible with organic materials Reinforced, added to rubber, plastics and other polymers can significantly improve product performance, increase product hardness, flexural strength, impact resistance, improve the electrical properties of the material, improve thermal stability and dimensional stability, make the product surface smooth , Enhance the anti-fouling power, and allow more fillers to be filled, reduce the amount of pigments, enhance wear resistance, which can reduce the cost of products, and give plastics, rubber and other polymers their own special functions that are not silicon The most promising application area for limestone.
    The high resistance, low dielectric constant and low oil absorption of wollastonite show obvious advantages over other non-metallic mineral materials. The compatibility of the modified wollastonite with plastics is greatly improved, and the needle-like crystal form that remains after being crushed can be added to the plastic to improve the performance of the plastic and ensure that the product has high thermal stability and low medium Electricity, low oil absorption and high mechanical strength, while reducing the cost of products.
    Nylon is one of the largest markets for wollastonite applications. Wollastonite reinforced with nylon 6 or nylon 66 modified with silane coupling agent can improve bending strength, tensile strength, reduce moisture absorption, and increase dimensional stability. The impact strength of the composite material filled with 50% wollastonite is increased from the original 11.97kJ / m2 to 247.8kJ / m2; the moisture absorption rate of nylon 6 filled with wollastonite after soaking for 7 days is still lower than that of unfilled nylon. Flexural modulus is also high; Wollastonite filled with titanate coupling agent filled nylon 66, when the filling amount is 40%, it is 14 ℃ lower than the molding temperature without filling, and the impact strength is almost unchanged. Filling polypropylene with wollastonite and glass fiber mixture can obtain composite filling modified materials with low cost, excellent processing fluidity and mechanical properties.