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Wollastonite needle powder has a good market prospect
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    Wollastonite needle powder is a high-grade wollastonite product. It is mainly used for its physical and mechanical properties, and is widely used in plastics, rubber, asbestos substitutes, paints, coatings and other industries. Compatibility with organic materials is greatly enhanced. Adding to rubber, plastics and other polymers can significantly improve product performance, increase product hardness, flexural strength, impact resistance, improve material electrical properties, improve thermal stability and size The stability of the product makes the surface of the product smooth, enhances the stain resistance, and allows more fillers to be filled, reduces the amount of pigments, and enhances the wear resistance, which can reduce the cost of the product and give plastics, rubber and other polymers themselves The special functions that are not available are the most promising applications for wollastonite.
    According to the development experience of industrially developed countries, after the development of industry and society to a certain extent, the consumption and output value of non-metallic minerals and non-metallic mineral materials will exceed that of metal minerals and metal minerals. As a non-metallic mineral material with high added value and rapid growth, wollastonite should focus on the development and application of wollastonite in non-ceramics with the deepening of research, of which filler is its most potential application field. The deep-processed wollastonite ultrafine products and needle-shaped powders have increased in value to several times or even dozens of times of the primary products. In the future, the demand for various fillers in the plastics, rubber, paint, and paper industries will exceed 20 million tons, and the demand for high-quality fillers such as wollastonite needle powder is more urgent.
    In order to broaden the in-depth application of wollastonite in the fields of plastics, rubber, papermaking, etc., we have developed new materials with more special functions, so that China's abundant wollastonite resources can be fully utilized. In the future, the development direction of wollastonite industry will be concentrated To the following aspects: ① high aspect ratio (> 15: 1) processing technology of wollastonite needle powder; ② complete set of special processing equipment and corresponding separation equipment; ③ finer wollastonite powder; ④ silicon Excellent modification method and good modifier of limestone powder.