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Jilin Lishu County is known as "the hometown of wollastonit
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Xinyu Huayuan Wollastonite Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Wollastonite

Recently, China Wollastonite Annual Meeting and China Wollastonite Township Awarding Ceremony was held in Lishu County. The China Nonmetal Association officially granted Lishu County as the "hometown of wollastonite in China".
It is understood that Lishu County is rich in wollastonite resources and is the earliest wollastonite development, production and export base in China. The production areas are mainly distributed in the areas of Mengjialing Town, Guojiadian Town and Shijiabao Town. And Dadingshan two deposits, the deposit is high-quality wollastonite deposit, ore natural low iron and micro sulfur phosphorus, white color, low impurity content, crystals are needle-like, fibrous, is a rare natural low-iron high-quality wollastonite in the world , Reserves and texture are the highest in the country and the world. Most of the deposits are suitable for open-pit mining, and the ore development conditions are very superior, and the proven reserves are more than 20 million tons.
Lishu Wollastonite has been discovered and explored for more than 30 years. During this period, Wollastonite has been growing and becoming one of the most distinctive pillar industries in Lishu County. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, Lishu County will rely on the advantages of rich wollastonite reserves and excellent texture to further strengthen the construction of wollastonite characteristic industrial parks and extend the industry around the gradient development, in-depth research and development and comprehensive utilization of wollastonite resources. Chain to create a closed industrial chain. Relying on existing mineral products enterprises, the park will vigorously develop high-value-added wollastonite fine and deep processing as the main direction, forming a "one center, three plates" planning structure. Through vigorously developing circular economy, green economy and ecological economy, Adopt multi-channel financing investment, introduce advanced technology, build and improve wollastonite production and processing capabilities, and strive to turn Lishu County wollastonite processing park into a national first-class wollastonite deep processing base, and strive to become a national industrial park.