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What to do with high silicon content in limestone_Jiangxi Wo
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The silicon content has increased, probably because sand is mixed (the main component is silica). If you want to purify limestone, the cost is too expensive to be cost-effective, and you can open up a new source.
"Removing silica" means "purifying limestone". Both sentences have the same meaning. If it is a small amount, small chemical experiments can be performed to purify it. But industrial production is not reasonable because the cost Very high. In addition, I think about it later, in addition to the possibility of silica, it may also be mixed with silicate. If it is soluble silicate, you can use limestone after crushing, soak in water, and then filter the filtrate Method; but if it is insoluble silicate, this method will not work. From my limited knowledge, there is only another way to find a source.
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