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Wollastonite industry achieves overall profit_Jiangxi Wollas
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Recently, it was learned from relevant parties that in the future, the market order of the wollastonite industry in China will gradually improve, the price of commodities will gradually increase, and the supply of commodities will be in short supply. It is understood that the development and application of wollastonite minerals in China started in the early 1980s and started late, and the company is generally small in size.
The whole industry has gradually entered the track of standardization and healthy development under the national industrial policy and market adjustment after the initial ubiquitous mining war and the price war of needle-like wollastonite competing for price, customer snatch war, and technology theft war. The company's production scale, commodity types, and economic benefits of needle-shaped wollastonite powder have all been greatly improved. Especially in the past two years, the company's scientific research ability, mining equipment, processing technology, and detection level have greatly improved compared with before 2002. New products are constantly increasing, and processing technology of needle powder, ultra-fine powder and modified powder is constantly innovating. , Has reached the international advanced level; the ability of deep processing has soared, completely changing the operation mode of selling raw ore; the company's vitality has been greatly strengthened, and a number of old companies such as Lishu Wollastonite Mining Enterprise and Changxing Wollastonite Enterprise have made considerable progress Some emerging companies, such as Jiangxi Huajietai Mine Fiber Wollastonite Enterprises and Jiangxi Aote Wollastonite Enterprises, also have a strong momentum of development, and their competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets continues to increase. China's wollastonite production and exports are among the highest in the world. At present, the annual output of China's wollastonite industry is 550,000 tons. Commodities are exported to Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Northwest Asia, and European countries such as Germany and Spain. The export volume reaches 200,000 tons, accounting for 70% of the international market. The main export market for wollastonite commodities in China is Europe, with an annual export volume of about 150,000 tons. These products are mainly used in the ceramic glaze industry, the price is about 80 US dollars / ton. The commodities exported to Japan and South Korea are mainly ultra-fine needle-shaped powders, which are mostly used in the plastics industry. The price ranges from US $ 400 to US $ 450 / ton. Most of the wollastonite commodities in China are used for ceramic blanks. The price of commodities varies according to the quality of resources. The ex-factory price is 100 yuan to 300 yuan per ton. Although the wollastonite industry has achieved overall profitability, the profit is still very low. In particular, the devaluation of the RMB and the export tax rebate rate have been reduced from 8% to zero, which has tightened the company ’s profit margins, coupled with the increase in mining access projects and increased costs. The cost of mining and processing has improved, which has brought a lot of pressure on the company's profitability.
Therefore, experts predict that the price of wollastonite commodities will increase significantly in the past years, and the price of commodities exported to Japan and South Korea will increase by about 5% to 8%. As the demand for wollastonite in the international market continues to grow and prices are gradually increasing, some large international companies are paying close attention to China's market and high-quality resources, trying to seize China's high-quality wollastonite resources through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and then monopolize the market. In this regard, relevant experts remind companies in the industry and government departments in the regions where the resources belong to to be cautious about the intervention of foreign capital, use resources reasonably and properly, and ensure the healthy development of industries and companies.
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