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【Huayuan Wollastonite】 How is cement made?
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First of all, it needs to be clear that the main material of cement is slaked lime. The content of slaked lime in cement is as high as 80%, and it is also assisted by correcting raw materials and some auxiliary raw materials.
Secondly, the cement chain can be divided into many steps, which can be divided into upstream raw materials, midstream manufacturing and downstream applications. The upstream raw material slaked lime plus some other materials are used through "two grinding and one burning", then what is the "two grinding and one burning".
In fact, two grinding and one burning refers to two grindings and one calcination during cement processing. The first step is to pulverize the raw materials according to a certain ratio after a certain operation, and use the reserve as a suitable raw meal. In the second step, the ground raw meal is calcined and melted to extract clinker, and its main component is changed to calcium silicate. In the final step, clinker and gypsum are mixed together and ground into cement.
Generally speaking, the first two processes will be built near the mine, which can reduce costs and reduce transportation pressure. The last procedure is generally close to the market because of its flexibility.
However, the current cement plant will have some pollution. It will pollute the environment from mine to production, and cement trucks will also crush the road. Many cement production sites now find the ground crushed. And most of the workers in the cement floor are wearing face masks, but even so, cement is still endangering their health. Many cement workers have pneumoconiosis and other occupational diseases. So, the high-rise buildings we have seen are actually the thoughts and blood of too many people, and they are the most important part.