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Proportion of micro silica fume in concrete, water reducing
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Optimal dosage of water reducing agent: Use micro-silica powder in concrete. If no water reducing agent is added, if you want to maintain the same fluidity, you must increase water consumption, water-cement ratio, and strength of concrete with silicon powder.

Not up, this is also the reason why microsilica powder was not promoted in concrete in the past. The combination of micro-silica fume and water reducing agent mixed with micro-silica fume does not change the water-cement ratio, that is, the amount of water does not increase, and it can achieve the same fluidity as concrete without silica fume and the performance of silica fume concrete will be large. The increase is large.

Generally, naphthalene-based superplasticizers are mostly used in China, such as Jian 1, H, DH3, FDN, NF, N2B, etc. The dosage is generally within 1% of the amount of rubber material, and sometimes in order to reduce the water-cement ratio , Mixing ultra-high-strength concrete, the amount of water reducing agent is 2% to 3%.