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Wollastonite is a calcium silicate mineral. Because wollastonite has needle-like, fibrous crystal morphology, high whiteness, and unique physical and chemical properties, it is widely used in ceramics, paints, coatings, plastics, and rubber. , Metallurgical protection slag, chemical industry, papermaking, welding electrodes and as a substitute for asbestos, abrasive binder, glass and cement.
Coatings: make you look high and last longer!
Wollastonite has a good reinforcement
Can improve the toughness and durability of coatings
It can also keep the surface of the coating smooth and good gloss.
And improved resistance to scrubbing and weathering
Also reduces oil absorption of coatings and inks and maintains alkalinity
With anti-corrosion ability
Plastic rubber: make you stronger!
Wollastonite has unique needle-like fibers
With insulation, abrasion resistance, and refractive index
Good filling material for plastic and rubber products
Wollastonite powder can increase impact strength
Papermaking: make you whiter and cheaper!
After special processing technology
Still retains its unique needle-like structure
White paper with wollastonite powder added
Increase its whiteness and opacity
Improve printing adaptability
And can greatly reduce the use of other various raw materials
Reduce the cost of paper products as a whole
Building materials: more environmentally friendly and more durable!
Wollastonite is non-toxic, odorless, and non-radioactive
Replaces asbestos that is harmful to human health
Become a new raw material for environmental protection building materials in the new century
Home building ceramics love it
Washbasins, toilets, glazed tiles ...
Wollastonite content ≥60%

Brake friction: make you more stable and flexible!
Wollastonite is a special needle-like structure
At the same time, the unique physical and mechanical performance of wollastonite
Greatly enhanced the friction and heat resistance of the finished product
When the product is filled in
Can improve friction flexibility and stability
We drive
Tires, clutches, handlebars, bumpers, brake pads ...
Can't live without it everywhere