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Scale of wollastonite mining
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Due to the small scale of wollastonite mining and the low output of ore, the development and transportation of open-pit mining is mostly used by road development. Wollastonite powder manufacturers produce limestone ore at the same time as wollastonite mine, with a total scale of 320,000 tons / year, most of which are limestone ore. Automobiles use 10 tons of self-unloading heavy trucks, other small mines can use 5 tons of self-unloading heavy trucks. The wollastonite mine in Lijiaxiang, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province is mined underground and developed with inclined shafts.
Wollastonite open pit mining
The open-pit mining process of wollastonite mine is generally similar to that of limestone mine, and the mining of medium-sized mine is more formal. The ore and the surrounding rock are dense and hard, with good stability. The ore body is layered. The working face is arranged along the strike, and the height of the steps is 10m. Because the mining scale is small and the equipment specifications are also small, the SQ100J down-the-hole drill rig for perforated blasting, with a hole diameter of φ100mm, the 966E loader for loading, the YT-26 rock drill for secondary crushing and shallow hole rock drilling, working face transportation Use 10t self-unloading heavy trucks. The specifications of the auxiliary equipment for opening are also small, and the D6H type is used for bulldozers. The mining of other small mines is mostly irregular, and resource waste is serious.
Wollastonite underground mining
Underground mining technology, wollastonite powder manufacturers are metamorphic ore-forming between granite body and limestone band limestone, the inclination of the ore body is only 5 ° ~ 15 °, the average thickness is 2.5m, the surrounding rock roof and floor are complete and stable, and there are many unsupported roadways in the vein Protection, the exposed area of ​​the mined-out area can be up to 100-200m2, and the comprehensive mining method of the open field method is adopted. Working face mining technology: drilling with a hand-held rock drill, hole depth of 1.2m, shallow hole blasting and falling mine, manual loading, 0.6 tons of mine truck for transportation. It is transported out through transportation lanes and stone gates.Xinyu Huayuan Wollastonite Co., Ltd.