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What are the wonderful uses of talc in life?
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        Talc powder can be divided into many types according to the size of its shape particles, one of which is talc powder, because it has good thermal and electrical insulation, and is resistant to both acid and alkali, and has good adsorption, that is This kind of talc powder has many useful uses in our lives that everyone does not know. Here is a brief introduction.
talcum powder
        The raincoats we usually wear are usually made of rubber. It is easy to stick together after passing through. At this time, some talcum powder is sprinkled on it to make the rubber surface slip, and the raincoats will not stick together at this time. Too.
        Commonly used sewing needles, knives, tweezers, etc., are very susceptible to moisture and rust. Talc powder can be placed in a box containing talc powder, which can be stored for a long time without rust. Rub talc on the rubber film products to prevent mildew during storage. Xinyu Wollastonite