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Talc powder is different from talc powder
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After crushing the talc block, it becomes talcum powder. After processing these talc powders at different levels, according to the size of the particles, they can be divided into talc powder, nano talc powder, fine talc powder and other categories. Usually talc is calculated according to the mesh, the higher the mesh, the finer the talc.
Talc powder is also different from fine talc powder:
Talc powder is chemically inactive, has physical properties such as acid resistance, fire resistance, insulation, and high melting point. The tendency of fine talc powder to easily split into fish scales and a lubricity is because its crystal structure is layered If the content of iron oxide is too high, the insulation of the fine talc powder will be reduced.
Talc powder can be divided into two types: fine talc powder and ground talc powder. It is tasteless and is a white or white-like powder. It feels fine and slippery when touched by hand. According to different industrial uses, ground talc powder is divided into seven varieties, including fine talc powder, waterproof material grade talc powder, paint grade talc powder, paper grade talc powder, cable grade talc powder, plastic grade talc powder, rubber grade talc Powder and ceramic grade talc powder. It will not dissolve in water or dilute alkaline hydroxide solution, and can be used as a medicinal.