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Crushing processing technology of wollastonite in Jiangxi
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Jiangxi wollastonite is a calcium metasilicate mineral, which is one of the industry's emerging raw materials that has attracted much attention. It has a needle-like structure, white, and low oil absorption. It should have fine particles except for other mineral powders. Granulation and appearance activation must be done to maintain its aspect ratio. Therefore, obtaining wollastonite powder with a high aspect ratio is a prerequisite to stop the further processing and application of wollastonite. Wollastonite commodities can be divided into two categories: high aspect ratio wollastonite and ground wollastonite. Among them, high aspect ratio wollastonite is commonly used, so it enhances high aspect ratio wollastonite and surface modified silica fume The preparation of new technologies, new processes, new practices and use studies of high value-added commodities such as stone and functional wollastonite mineral data are of great significance to the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the wollastonite industry in China, and serious social, Economic benefits.
Choose suitable crushing methods and consumption process conditions, to consume wollastonite commodities with high aspect ratio (> 15), improve the level and market competitiveness of wollastonite commodities, insist that wollastonite companies can continue to develop, add company's Economic benefit is a concern in the preparation of wollastonite. Wollastonite crushing equipment stepwise crushing equipment: coarse crushing equipment jaw crusher, medium crushing equipment impact crusher can also use fine crushing jaw crusher and cone crusher, cone crusher is generally used for harder ores, Then use a fine crusher to crush the raw materials to -2.5MM through a three-stage one-closed process, and then stop grinding. Grinding adopts equipment including ball mill, vibration mill, stirring mill and vertical mill. After experiments, ball mills, vibratory mills, and agitated mills can not maintain the morphology of wollastonite needle crystals very well, and the products have been crushed at different levels. Using vertical mills to crush wollastonite can obtain mineral crystal shapes Good looking wollastonite commodities. Wollastonite crushing adopts different equipment, its crushed products have different shapes, full use of the inherent excellent characteristics of wollastonite, obtain high wollastonite powder, improve its added value, is to stop the deep processing and application of wollastonite premise.