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The role of Jiangxi wollastonite in latex paint
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Xinyu Huayuan Wollastonite Co., Ltd.

When the function of the latex paint is not reduced, a small amount of titanium white is wasted, and the cost is reduced. The advantage of this creation is that the wollastonite powder which is selected by dispersant so as not to be chemically treated is used in latex paint indirectly, thus preventing the pre-disposal of wollastonite powder and greatly reducing the cost of coating. Using 320 mesh wollastonite powder to replace 30% of titanium white, the cost of latex paint can be reduced from 130 to 200 yuan (RMB) / ton. After the wollastonite is crushed to the particle size, it can replace the local titanium dioxide in the coating.
Secondly, the defect is that the paint does not fluctuate and is prone to precipitation. This creation is to crush natural wollastonite without chemical pre-treatment, indirectly used in latex paint to replace 10-40% of titanium white, after participating in the mixture of dispersant polyacrylate and sodium hexametaphosphate, to ensure such The volatility of latex paint reduces the cost. The weather resistance of latex paint has improved, and other functions are not reduced. When used in exterior wall latex paint, wollastonite has high hardness, Mohs hardness 4.5 to 5, low thermal shrinkage coefficient, is an inert filler with good weather resistance, its needle-like structure has crack resistance, high whiteness, and good tinting strength When the color is bright, the color is high, and it is used more and more as an important filler in exterior wall coatings.