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Xinyu Huayuan Wollastonite Co., Ltd.Wollastonite is an inorganic needle-like mineral with non-toxic, chemical corrosion resistance, good thermal stability and dimensional stability, glass and pearl luster, low water absorption rate and oil absorption value, excellent mechanical properties and electrical properties and certain supplements Strong action and other characteristics. Wollastonite products can be divided into two categories: high aspect ratio wollastonite (10: 1) and ground wollastonite. Its performance is different in different applications.
High aspect ratio wollastonite mainly uses its needle-like physical and mechanical properties, and is widely used in plastics, rubber, asbestos substitutes, paints and coatings. It can increase product hardness, bending strength, impact resistance, and improve the electrical properties of materials. To improve thermal stability and dimensional stability.Xinyu Huayuan Wollastonite Co., Ltd.
Ground wollastonite powder is mainly used in the ceramics and metallurgical industries. The SiO2 and CaO components in wollastonite provide low expansion rate and good thermal shock resistance.
Application status of wollastonite
As ceramic raw material
Wollastonite can compact ceramic structure, improve mechanical strength, reduce wet expansion coefficient, improve green body strength and molding quality, reduce firing temperature, achieve low temperature rapid sintering, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and efficiency increase. In the glaze industry, wollastonite can improve the whiteness of the glaze, improve the flow properties, and reduce the defects of the products.
Wollastonite can be used to prepare various electric porcelain, building porcelain, daily-use ceramics and brake pads. Ceramic is the largest consumer field of wollastonite, and nearly half of the world's output is consumed in this field every year. Wollastonite in China is mainly consumed in glazed tiles and ceramic blanks, accounting for more than 50% of total wollastonite consumption.
Used as plastic reinforcing filler
Wollastonite has unique needle-shaped fibers, good insulation, wear resistance, and high refractive index, which can improve impact strength, enhance fluidity, and improve tensile strength, impact strength, linear tensile and mold shrinkage. , Is a good filling material for plastic and rubber products.
Wollastonite as the filler and reinforcing agent in the plastics and rubber industry is the most potential, highest value-added, and fastest-growing application field. At present, this field accounts for 19-25% of the total world consumption of wollastonite. Metal parts are increasingly being replaced in industrial manufactured goods, and market demand for them is growing rapidly.
Make asbestos substitutes
Wollastonite has needle-like characteristics, low thermal expansion and excellent thermal shock resistance, and is an ideal substitute for short fiber asbestos. At present, the total amount of wollastonite used as asbestos substitutes accounts for 20 ~ 25% of the world wollastonite consumption.
In terms of construction, wollastonite can still maintain its unique needle-like structure after special processing technology, so that the impact resistance, bending strength, and other properties of the wollastonite-calcium board and fireproof board with wollastonite needle powder added, The wear resistance is greatly improved. And because wollastonite has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, non-radioactive, etc., it has gradually replaced asbestos harmful to human health and has become a new raw material for environmentally friendly building materials in the new century; in terms of friction materials, wollastonite with high friction coefficient is partially replaced Friction materials made of asbestos have good overall performance and are mainly used in brake pads, valve plugs, automobile clutches and other fields.
Used as paint coating filler
Wollastonite is used as a filler for paint coatings, which can improve the physical and chemical properties, durability and weather resistance of products, and reduce the problems of paint cracking and aging. At the same time, high-purity wollastonite can also replace expensive titanium dioxide as a white pigment and is widely used in coatings to reduce the oil absorption of the coating and maintain alkalinity, and enhance corrosion resistance.
At present, wollastonite is rarely used in coatings, and wollastonite for coatings only accounts for 2 to 5% of the total consumption of wollastonite in the world.
As metallurgical additives
Wollastonite has low-temperature fluxing characteristics, stable chemical composition, high purity and neutrality. This excellent characteristic provides ideal raw materials for metallurgical steel-making protective casting materials, especially wollastonite contains very little Al2O3, so the metallurgical protective slag made has a strong ability to absorb harmful Al2O3 in molten steel, so it is widely used In the metallurgical industry. At present, about 12-15% of wollastonite in the world is used in the metallurgical industry.
From ordinary carbon steel, manganese steel to stainless steel continuous casting, and the slag type from small billet, large billet, large slab to out-of-furnace refining, etc., the protective slag based on wollastonite as the base material is widely used, replacing the expensive imported Protective slag has played a role in promoting the development of the metallurgical steelmaking industry.
Used as paper filler
After special processing technology, the paper-making wollastonite powder can maintain its unique needle-like structure, so that the whiteboard paper with wollastonite powder added can improve its whiteness, opacity (surface layer coverage), flatness and smoothness , Adaptability, reduce the difference in banner weight and cardboard wet deformation, improve printing adaptability, and can greatly reduce the use of other various raw materials, and overall reduce the cost of paper products.
Due to the improvement of processing methods and the acquisition of ultrafine particles, potential new uses are being discovered one after another, making the use of wollastonite increasingly widespread. Some experts predict that the demand for wollastonite for the ceramic industry will increase year by year at a rate of about 5%. The fastest growth is in the rubber and plastics industry, especially the engineering plastics industry.Xinyu Huayuan Wollastonite Co., Ltd.