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【Huayuan wollastonite】How much Wollastonite was added as
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Silica fume, also known as Silica fume or agglomerated silica fume, is a large amount of volatile SIO2 and SI gas produced by ferroalloy in smelting ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (metallic silicon) , after the gas is emitted zd, it is quickly oxidized, condensed and precipitated into silica fume and Silica fume, however, the properties of h series Silica fume are more outstanding in the field of concrete and refractory specialty materials: Silica fume is added into special Refractory (such as Portland Cement, kiln brick, etc.) to form a multi-layer protective layer during oxidation, it has good mechanical properties and high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. The fluidity, sintering, binding and pore filling properties of the special Refractory are improved to some extent by adding ultra-fine silicon powder. The density and strength of the structure are increased, the wear rate of the material is reduced, and the corrosion resistance is enhanced