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【Huayuan wollastonite】Introduction of Wollastonite
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Wollastonite is composed of CA3[ Si3O9] . TRICLINIC series, belonging to single-chain silicate minerals. They are usually lamellar, radial, or source fibrous aggregates. White with a tinge of gray. Gloss of glass, luster of Pearl on a hundred sides. Hardness 4.5 ~ 5.0. The cleavage parallel 100 completely, parallel 001 medium, two groups of cleavage plane intersection angle is 74. Density 2.78 ~ 2.91 G / CM3. It occurs mainly in the contact metamorphic zone between acidic intrusive rocks and limestone, and is the main mineral component of silicicarite. It is also found in some deep metamorphic rocks. Used as: paper, ceramics, cement, rubber, plastic and other raw materials or filler road; gas filter materials and heat insulation materials; Metallurgical Flux, etc.