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【Huayuan wollastonite】What are the chemical composition a
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The main chemical components of blast furnace slag are: silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide, Cao, Mgo, Mno, Feo and sulfur. In addition, some slag also contains traces of titanium oxide (TIO2) , alumina (V2O5) , sodium oxide (NA2O) , barium oxide (Bao) , tetraphosphorus decaoxide, dichromium trioxide and so on. Calcium oxide (Cao) , silicon dioxide and aluminium oxide account for more than 90% of the weight in blast furnace slag. Various oxides in blast furnace slag exist in various forms of silicate minerals. The most common minerals in basic blast furnace slag are feldspar, dicalcium silicate, Olivine, Wollastonite, Wollastonite and spinel. ACID blast furnace slag forms different minerals because of its different cooling speed. When the blast furnace slag is cooled slowly, the mineral phases, such as Wollastonite, pseudowollastonite, pyroxene and plagioclase, are often crystallized. Titanium is almost contained in the mineral composition of high titanium blast furnace slag. There are Manganese Olivine (2mno SIO2) and Roseite (MNO SIO2) minerals in Ferromanganese slag. There are a lot of Cao al 2O 3,5 Cao 3 a 12 o 3, Cao 2 AL 2O 3 in high alumina slag.