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【Huayuan wollastonite】 Acicular wollastonite
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The chemical formula is Ca3 (si3o9) or CaSiO3. The crystal belongs to monocyclic silicate mineral of triclinic system. It is a mineral raw material for making ceramic, paint, coating, paper-making and plastic rubber filler.
Due to the improvement of processing methods, the acquisition of ultra-fine materials and the discovery of potential new uses, wollastonite has been widely used. According to foreign experts, the proportion of wollastonite applied in the future is as follows: ceramic industry and related departments 6%; coatings, plastics and decorative materials 22%; Asbestos Substitutes 5%; El often used insulating ceramics for living insulation 12%; building insulation ceramic foam 6%; fire insulation ceramic foam 2%; ceramic foam for foundry production 4%; slag concrete block surface coating 3%. Paper production 40%. ]
[coating grade wollastonite powder has a good reinforcement, which can not only improve the toughness and durability of the coating, but also maintain the smoothness and good glossiness of the coating surface. Moreover, it improves the performance of anti washing and anti weathering, reduces the oil absorption of paint and ink, keeps alkaline and has the ability of anti-corrosion. High quality and brightly colored coatings can be obtained with good uniformity and anti-aging properties. The coating can obtain better mechanical strength, durability, adhesion and corrosion resistance. It also has good coverage and adhesion.
Plastic rubber grade wollastonite has unique needle like fiber, good insulation, wear resistance and high refractive index. It is a good filling material for plastic and rubber products. Features and properties: wollastonite powder can improve the impact strength, liquidity, tensile strength, impact strength, linear tensile and die shrinkage.
Friction grade wollastonite powder is a special needle like structure, and wollastonite has unique physical and mechanical efficiency. Greatly enhanced the friction resistance and heat resistance of the finished product. When the product is filled in, it can improve the friction flexibility, stability and other characteristics. The paper grade wollastonite powder can still maintain its unique needle structure after special processing technology, so that the white board paper added with wollastonite powder can improve its whiteness, opacity (surface coverage), flatness, smoothness, adaptability, reduce the quantitative transverse difference and wet deformation of the board, and improve the printing adaptability, And it can greatly reduce the use of other raw materials and reduce the cost of paper products as a whole.
Building material grade wollastonite powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, non radioactive and other advantages gradually replaced the asbestos harmful to human health, and become a new raw material of environmental protection building materials in the new century. After special processing technology, it can still maintain its unique needle like structure, which greatly improves the impact resistance, bending strength and wear resistance of calcium silicate board and fire-proof board added with wollastonite needle like powder. In the field of building materials, wollastonite will be more widely used!
Adding appropriate amount of wollastonite powder to ceramic raw materials can greatly reduce the firing temperature, shorten the firing time, and achieve a rapid one-time firing at low temperature. At the same time, the mechanical properties of the products are improved, the cracks and warps of the products are reduced, the luster of the glaze is increased, the strength of the embryo body is improved, and the qualified rate of the products is increased.