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【Huayuan wollastonite】What are the specific applications
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Application of acicular wollastonite 1. Building materials industry: EPS thermal insulation mortar, interface agent, building steel waterproof, ceramic tile, marble joint filler, polystyrene board adhesive, calcium silicate board, coating, dry powder polymer mortar, anti-seepage and anti crack concrete.
Uses of needle like wollastonite 2. Friction materials: automobile brake pads, clutch discs and bumpers.
Uses of acicular wollastonite 3. Plastics industry: polypropylene board and frame, engineering plastics.
The use of acicular wollastonite 4. Ceramic industry: fiber ceramic board, sanitary porcelain, glazed brick, etc.
Use of needle like wollastonite 5. FRP Industry: all FRP products.
Application of acicular wollastonite 6. In the industries of insulation, thermal insulation materials, glass products and polymer composite materials, it can improve the strength, hardness, heat resistance, bending resistance and corrosion resistance of products.
The application of acicular wollastonite 7. In the paint and coating industry, the superior wollastonite powder is used in some products of paint and coating, replacing lithopone and some titanium dioxide powder, imported P820 as filler, which can improve the leveling of coating. The cost of coating can be greatly reduced;
The application of acicular wollastonite 8. Metallurgy, refractory industry, wollastonite's unique physical characteristics - high melting point, making wollastonite the most promising refractory in the eyes of foreign experts;
Application of acicular wollastonite 9. Electrode industry, wollastonite used for electrode coating, accelerating melting speed, energy saving, anti porosity, accelerating melting speed of coating, etc;
Use of acicular wollastonite 10, instead of short fiber asbestos, glass fiber and fiber talc;
Uses of acicular wollastonite 11. Papermaking.
The use of acicular wollastonite 12, abrasive tools, abrasive binders, abrasive wheel fillers and other industries.