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【Huayuan wollastonite】The function of Wollastonite
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The function of Wollastonite
The crystal of wollastonite fluoresces under ultraviolet irradiation, and there are also phosphorescent. Mainly used in ceramics, coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries.
Wollastonite powder is widely used in ceramics, paints, coatings, plastics, rubber, chemical industry, paper making, welding electrodes, metallurgical slag and Asbestos Substitutes.
In the plastic industry, wollastonite powder not only plays a filling role, but also can partially replace asbestos and glass fiber for reinforcement materials. At present, it has been used in epoxy, phenolic, thermosetting polyester, polyolefin and other plastics. There are a lot of plastics used in the further processing products of wollastonite powder. As a plastic filler, it is mainly used to improve the tensile strength and flexural strength and reduce the cost.
In the rubber industry, natural wollastonite powder has a special needle like structure, white, non-toxic. After ultrafine grinding and surface modification, it is an ideal filler of rubber. It can not only reduce the production cost of rubber products, but also improve the mechanical properties of rubber, and give rubber its own special functions.
In the coating industry, wollastonite powder as the filler of paint and coating can improve the physical and chemical properties, durability and weather resistance of the products, reduce the gloss of the paint, enhance the expansion ability of the paint, reduce cracks, and also reduce the oil absorption and enhance the anti-corrosion ability. Wollastonite has bright color and high reflectivity. It is suitable for producing high quality white paint and clear and transparent colored paint. The acicular wollastonite powder has good flatness, high color coverage and uniform distribution, and has the characteristics of UV resistance. Interior wall coating, exterior wall coating, special coating and emulsion paint are widely used. With ultra-fine particle size, the higher whiteness and pH value, the better color and coating performance of the paint, and the alkaline paint can be used as the anticorrosive coating of steel and other metal equipment.
In the paper industry, wollastonite powder can be used as filler and plant fiber composite to replace part of plant fiber. Reduce the amount of wood pulp, reduce the cost, improve the performance of paper products, improve the smoothness and opacity of paper products, improve the evenness of paper products, eliminate the static electricity of paper, reduce the shrinkage of paper products, improve the printability, and reduce the pollution emissions in the process of plant fiber pulping.