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【Huayuan wollastonite】Resource profile and ore type
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Resource profile and ore type
1. Resource overview
There are five genetic types of wollastonite, of which contact metamorphism and regional metamorphism are of industrial value. The wollastonite produced by contact metamorphism occurs in the contact zone between magmatic intrusion and carbonate rock, and is formed by the reaction of SiO2 and CaCO3. The wollastonite produced by regional metamorphism is formed by regional metamorphism of calcareous rocks such as limestone and marble.
At present, the reserves of wollastonite in the world are about 200 million tons, and the prospective reserves are about 400 million tons. Among more than 20 wollastonite producing countries, the total reserves of wollastonite in the United States, India and Mexico account for about two-thirds of the world's total proved reserves (excluding China).
The northeast of adironk mountain in New York state is an important source of wollastonite in the world. There are three major deposits in the wilsboro area of New York State, i.e. foxnoer, Lewis and dillhead.
The wollastonite deposits in Mexico are mainly produced in the states of sacatkas and Chiapas.
India's wollastonite is mainly produced in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, some of which have ore grades of 96% - 97%.
China is rich in Wollastonite Resources, with a prospective reserves of 50-100 million tons. The proved reserves are second only to India, ranking second in the world. China's wollastonite producing areas are relatively concentrated, mainly distributed in Jilin Province, accounting for 44.7% of the total reserves of the country, Jiangxi Province, Qinghai Province, 13.4%, Liaoning Province, 10.3%, and other provinces are mainly distributed in Hubei, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Fujian and other provinces. The wollastonite ore in China has good metallogenic conditions, large ore body scale, simple composition and relatively rich. The datingshan wollastonite deposit in Lishu, Jilin Province is the largest one in China. In addition, Jilin Panshi changweizi wollastonite deposit and Hubei Daye xiaojipu wollastonite deposit have a large scale.
2. Ore type
There are two main types of wollastonite ore: marble type and skarn type. The wilsboro, Lewis, Gerhard wollastonite deposits in the United States and the belkabach wollastonite deposits in India are of skarn type. Malabranca wollastonite mine in Mexico and lappenlanta wollastonite mine in Finland are of marble type.