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[Huayuan Wollastonite] The use of lime in construction
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The cementitious components in lime are effective calcium oxide and oxidation, and their content is the main index for evaluating the quality of lime. The content of effective calcium oxide and oxidation in lime can be directly determined, or it can be reflected by the total amount of calcium oxide and oxidation and the content of carbon dioxide. Quick lime also requires the content of undigested residue; quick lime powder has fineness requirements; There are also requirements for volume, fineness and free water content.
Lime has good water retention and plasticity. It is often used in engineering to improve the water retention of mortar to overcome the disadvantage of poor water retention of cement mortar. Lime has a slow setting and hardening speed, low strength, and poor water resistance. Lime has a large drying shrinkage, so it should not be used alone except for painting.
The main uses of lime in construction are:
A. Lime milk coating The lime slurry obtained by adding a large amount of water to lime is lime milk. Mainly used for less demanding indoor painting.
B. Mortar The lime mortar or slaked lime powder can be formulated into lime mortar or cement-lime mixed mortar for plastering and masonry.
C, lime soil and triple soil The slaked lime powder mixed with clay is called lime soil, and sand or stone chips, slag, etc. are added to form the triple soil. Lime and tri-soil are widely used in building foundations and road cushions.
D. Portland concrete and its products use lime and siliceous materials (such as quartz sand, fly ash, slag, etc.) as the main raw materials. They are ground, compounded, mixed, shaped, and cured (steam curing or autoclave curing). ) And other processes. Commonly used silicate concrete products include steam curing and autoclave curing of various fly ash bricks, lime sand bricks, blocks and aerated concrete.
E. Carbonized lime board is made from ground quicklime, fibrous filler (such as glass fiber) or lightweight aggregate and mixed with water to form a green body, and then carbon dioxide is passed for artificial carbonization (about 12 to 24 hours). Lightweight board. Suitable for non-load-bearing inner partitions, ceilings, etc.
Quick lime blocks and quick lime powder must be transported and stored under dry conditions, and should not be stored for too long. When stored for a long time, it should be in a closed condition, and it should be moisture-proof and waterproof.