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Silica lime in jaw crusher in application and workflow
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During the working process of the jaw crusher, due to the rotation of the cam device, the plunger-type fuel injection pump is driven to supply high-pressure oil Raymond mill to the system. The oil pressure of the system is set by the adjustment nut of the oil pressure adjustment device according to the maximum crushing force of the crusher. When the oil pressure increases, the plunger compression spring in the oil pressure adjustment device moves to the right, driving the plunger injection pump plunger counterclockwise Rotate in the direction to shorten the effective stroke of the plunger to reduce the amount of oil injection and limit the increase of the system oil pressure; conversely, when the system oil pressure decreases, increase the oil injection amount to prevent the system oil pressure from decreasing and keep the hydraulic system oil pressure at the initial set pressure .
The application of wollastonite in coatings, wollastonite has a good reinforcement, not only can improve the toughness and durability of the coating, but also can maintain the coating surface smooth and good gloss. Because wollastonite has better hardness and wear resistance, the coating can get better mechanical strength, increase durability, enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance, and is generally used in primers for anticorrosive coatings. With the advancement of deep processing technology of wollastonite production enterprises, wollastonite is more and more used in latex paint because of its excellent weather resistance and good coloring brightness.
The feed chute and impact plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with heating devices to prevent the adhesion of materials, so it can crush materials with large water content, and it is not easy to block the phenomenon when crushing. However, the hammer crusher cannot use the heating method to prevent the adhesion of the materials, and cannot meet the crushing work of the materials with large water content.