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Quicklime! Safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic side ef
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Quicklime: Qingtang is safe, environmentally friendly, and has no toxic side effects
Among all Qingtang medicines, quicklime not only has the best effect, but also is safe, environmentally friendly, and has no toxic and side effects. It is one of the Qingtang medicines recommended for aquatic health breeding. However, the use of quicklime to clear ponds still has key tasks that cannot be ignored.
1. Principle of Qingtang
The principle of lime clearing pond is that after quick lime meets water, chemical reaction occurs, calcium hydroxide is generated, and a lot of heat is released. Calcium hydroxide is a strong base, and its hydroxide ions can raise the pH of the pool water to above 11 in a short time, so that it can quickly achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection and killing enemy organisms. At the same time, quicklime reacts with water to become calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate can make the sludge soft, improve the aeration conditions of the sediment, accelerate the decomposition of organic matter in the sediment, plus the replacement effect of calcium, release the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients adsorbed by the sludge, make the pond water become fat, can play a role To the role of indirect fertilization.
Second, Qingtang method
It is divided into two types: dry method clear pond and water carrying clear pond.
Dry method of clearing pond: Generally the dosage per acre is 60-75kg. First drain the pool water to a depth of 5-10cm, then dig a few small pits around the bottom of the pool, pour the quicklime into the pit, add water to dissolve, and wait for the cooling to throw the quicklime evenly into the pool water downwind, it is best to reuse it the next day The long-handled mud rake pushes the rake at the bottom of the pond once, so that the lime slurry and the pond mud are fully mixed to improve the effect of clearing the pond. You can also put lime in a wooden barrel and pour water into the pool while adding water until the lime is dissolved. The bottom of the pool should be sprinkled all over.
Advantages: The amount of quicklime is relatively small, which is lower than the cost of clearing ponds with water.
Disadvantages: When refilling new water, diseases and insects and wild fish may enter the pond with the water, and filtering measures should be taken when adding water.
Clear pond with water: This method may be used for some ponds with insufficient water source or inconvenient drainage. Generally according to the dosage of 150-175kg per mu of 1m water depth, quicklime is put into wooden barrels or small wooden boats to melt the water and immediately sprinkled throughout the pool.
Advantages: The use of this method does not need to add new water, which prevents the risk of diseases and insect pests and wild fish brought into the pond with the water, and the disease prevention effect is better than the dry pond clear pond.
Disadvantages: high cost and large amount of quicklime.
3. The effect of Qingtang
1. It can quickly and completely kill wild fish, frog eggs, tadpoles, snails, frogs, aquatic insects and other animals, and has a good effect on preventing the invasion of some aquatic plants, fish parasites and pathogenic organisms.
2. It can increase the alkalinity and hardness of the pool water, increase the buffer capacity, and improve the quality of the water body. As the alkali is free, it can neutralize various organic acids in the sludge, change the acidic environment, and make the pond slightly alkaline.
3. The calcium ion concentration increases and the pH value increases, which can release the ammonium, phosphoric acid, potassium and other ions absorbed by the silt colloid particles into the water, increasing the water's fertility. At the same time, calcium itself is a necessary nutrient element for various aquatic organisms, especially shrimp, crabs, shellfish, etc. require a large amount of calcium. Therefore, clearing ponds with quicklime can play a better role in fertilization.
4. It can accelerate the process of bacterial decomposition of organic matter, promote the decomposition and mineralization of organic matter in the pond, promote the concentrated germination of bait organisms, and ensure the supply of biological bait. Generally, quicklime is used to clear the pond, and the plankton can reach its peak in 7-10 days, which is conducive to the growth of fish.
5. It can clarify the water quality, make suspended colloidal organic matter and other coagulation and sedimentation; at the same time, it can accelerate the oxidative decomposition of harmful substances at the bottom of the pool, improve the ventilation conditions at the bottom of the pool, and delay the aging of the pond.
Four, matters needing attention
1. Use quick lime to clear pond. The shortest time is 7 days before stocking, and the longest time is 20 days before stocking. Generally, it takes 10 days to half a month before stocking. The specific time can be determined according to the type of stocking.
2. Qingtang time should be selected from noon to 4 pm on a sunny day. Low temperature in rainy and rainy weather will affect the effect and should not be carried out. Generally, when the water temperature is increased by 10 ℃, the efficacy can be doubled. In early spring, when the water temperature is 3-5 ℃, the dosage should be increased by 20-30%. Especially for fish ponds with more bottom fish such as loach, the amount should be increased appropriately.
3. The quality of quicklime affects the effect of clearing ponds. Good quality quicklime is massive, light, free of impurities, reacts violently with water, and has obvious volume expansion. It is best not to use quicklime in construction bags, which have high impurity content and low active ingredient content.
4. The quicklime used in Qingtang is best bought with it. Otherwise, if it is left for a long time, quicklime will absorb moisture and carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate and become invalid, so it is necessary to do a good job in moisture prevention.
5. If the hardness of the pool water is high and there is a lot of silt at the bottom of the pool, it will affect the effect of clearing the pond, and the dosage should be increased appropriately.
6. Dry ponds should be flooded about 10 days before the medicine is given. Let the creatures hidden in the bottom mud come out to kill.
7. When splashing, pay attention to the body skin and do not directly contact the dissolving quicklime to avoid scalding. Wear gloves and masks at the same time to ensure safety.
8. After clearing the pond with quicklime, the fry should not be stocked until the pH drops to around 7.5. The time for medicinal properties to disappear is 7-10 days, and the time for clearing pond with water is longer than that for dry method. To ensure safety, it is best to test the water before stocking the fry.
9. In the saline-alkali zone, the soil is strongly alkaline and the pH of the pond water is high. It is recommended not to use quicklime to clear the pond.