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[Huayuan Wollastonite] How much do you know about mineral te
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Talking about the chance of the floating leaves returning to the roots, the fate of Xishan Mountain at sunset, "Jewish mines produce gold, such as lead and silver, super heart smelting, and love foul phosphorus." The "wonderful" of people, its mystery is beyond expectation.
Mineral resources are important natural resources. It is not a gift from God, but is formed after geological changes over millions or even hundreds of millions of years. It is an important material basis for the development of social production and the production and life of people in modern society. All are inseparable from mineral resources.
According to different classification criteria, mineral resources can be divided into the following types:
(1) Energy minerals: coal, petroleum, oil shale, natural gas, uranium, etc .;
(2) Ferrous metal minerals: iron, manganese, chromium, etc .;
(3) Non-ferrous metal minerals: copper, zinc, aluminum, lead, nickel, tungsten, bismuth, molybdenum, etc .;
(4) Rare metal minerals: niobium, tantalum, etc .;
(5) Precious metal minerals: gold, silver, platinum, etc .;
(6) Metallurgical auxiliary materials: limestone, dolomite, silica, etc. for solvents;
(7) Chemical raw materials: pyrite, natural sulfur, phosphorus, potassium salt, etc .;
(8) Special types: piezoelectric crystal, iceland stone, diamond, optical fluorite, etc .;
(9) Building materials and other categories: granite for decoration, granite for construction, limestone for building stone, shale for brick and tile, clay for cement batching, etc .;
(10) Water, gas and minerals: groundwater, underground hot water, carbon dioxide gas, etc.
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