In Coating and Paint
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High-class Wollastonite can be applied in coating and paint to replace partly lithopone or titanium pigment, imported P820 to improve the leveling property as filler. The particle shape of Wollastonite can make it used as a good suspending agent in the paint. Its sediments are soft and dispersed, and can be applied as reinforcing agent of clean-type coating. Because of its low oil absorption capacity, high filling and lower consumption of bonded materials, the cost of the paints is greatly decreased. With the advantage of slightly alkaline, good spraying performance, surface uniform distribution, Wollastonite can connect the acid medium pigment together, so it is very suitable for polyvinyl acetate paint. When it is used as filler, Wollastonite can improve the corrosion resistance of the steel coating. In addition to waterborne coating and polyvinyl formal, Wollastonite can also be applied in primer, intermediate coating, oily coating, road marking paint, sound-deadening paint, fire-proof dope, etc. In the use of asphalt paint, Wollastonite can replace asbestos. In the use of self-cleaning paint, Wollastonite can be used as reinforcement agent.