In Rubber and Plastics
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If acicular Wollastonite Superfine powder was added into PA, PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PS, PC and other resin, it can significantly improve the physical properties of the resin and expand the product applications field. Its unique structure and properties endow the resin more excellent performance. Compared with other fillers, Wollastonite has excellent properties in electrical, mechanical and thermodynamic. It can decrease the dosage of expensive pigments without any impact on quality. Wollastonite, with the advantage of low moisture content, light color but luster, shape stability and reinforcement, is usually used to replace partial titanium pigment, carbon-white and glass fiber in nylon molding materials, which can obviously improve the tensile strength, bending strength and thermal deformation temperature of the products, and reduce the molding shrinkage and warp deformation of plastic products. It greatly reduces the production cost.